Umbra Forest

Umbra Forest

Umbra Forest, the "realm of biodiversity" in the heart of the Gargano National Park.

Welcome to the Umbra Forest, the heart of the Gargano National Park, a true nature reserve that will give you unique and unforgettable emotions.

This natural treasure, just a few kilometers from the Gargano coast, is a green lung of inestimable value that offers anyone who wants to have an immersive experience in nature a wide choice of trails to travel by foot, bicycle, horseback or jeep.

As you walk these paths, you will discover the hidden wonders of this mysterious forest, which covers an impressive 11,000 hectares and is one of the few remaining examples of Mediterranean lowland forest in Europe. Here you will find the pleasure of immersing yourself in nature and feeling the rejuvenating energy that only contact with greenery can give you.

The paths of the Umbra Forest will guide you to discover its hidden treasures, such as the giant, centuries-old beech trees and striking rock walls that dominate the landscape.

But that’s not all: here you can also make unexpected encounters with native roe deer, eagle owls, small foxes and many other animals that live here. The Umbra Forest is an important habitat for many protected species of animals and plants, and spotting them will be an unforgettable experience.

We recommend that you book a guided tour to best discover the magic of this place, letting you be accompanied by experienced guides who will know how to lead you along the most fascinating paths and bring out the beauty of the nature that surrounds you.

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