We have revolutionized the very concept of traveling in the Gargano.

We are proud to present our commitment to environmental and social sustainability, one of the fundamental pillars of our hospitality and comfort philosophy. In every aspect of the hotel, we are committed to reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainable development while maintaining a high standard of quality and service.The entire structure was designed with an absolute focus on sustainability, using only natural and local materials. The beauty of Apulian stone was chosen not only for its uniqueness, but also to support the local economy and reduce the environmental impact of transportation. “Eco friendly” architecture represents our commitment to environmental protection, without ever sacrificing sophistication and comfort for our guests.

The focus on sustainability begins with the choice of ingredients for our restaurant’s cuisine, selected from local and organic producers, reducing the environmental impact of transportation and encouraging short supply chains. In addition, energy saving is constant, thanks to the use of innovative technologies for room air conditioning, renewable energy production and the use of materials with low environmental impact.

All our guests can be assured of having an eco-friendly stay, thanks to the separate collection and recycling of all waste, the use of eco-friendly products for cleaning the rooms, the reduction of water consumption by installing water-saving devices, and the promotion of outdoor activities for contact with nature and the preservation of the area.

In addition, Rodi Resort is committed to supporting the local community through sustainable development projects, hiring local people, and promoting local culture and traditions.

We believe that our commitment to sustainability is not only a matter of responsibility, but also a way to provide the highest quality living experience and to ensure a better future for our planet.

At Rodi Resort, you will be welcomed into a relaxing and comfortable environment, where concern for the environment and sustainability are an integral part of our exclusive service.

By choosing to stay at our hotel, you are assured of an experience of genuine innovation, with the knowledge that you have made the right choice for the future of our planet.